The Michigan Chapter of CHI offers your company a unique opportunity to connect with a very special group of professionals which include:

  • HCI and UX Researchers working for academia and industry
  • User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Usability Specialists, Graphic Designers, and Web Developers
  • Market Researchers and Advertising professionals
  • Product and Web Site Stakeholders

The Michigan CHI’s mission is to connect User Experience research to Design. Our efforts are focused on fostering the networking and the exchange of ideas, technology, techniques and experience between user experience designers and researchers so that:

  • Designers will be empowered with data to drive their decisions, and
  • Researchers will be inspired to pursue topics that will be directly applicable to design.

and we do this in a way that is both fun and compelling.

Our events bring researchers, industry speakers, practitioners, and authors to provide the most complete package of user experience research and design anywhere.

Your Sponsorship Opportunity

Your sponsorship gives you visibility with event attendees and with our web site visitors. It also provides a fertile ground for networking and recruiting.

Why Your Sponsorship is Needed

We cannot operate without some level of funding.

  • We have no membership fees.
  • We hold regular events at low admission rates.
  • We have operating expenses and, at times, event expenses that must be covered.

We also operate without an office space, which means we need companies and organizations to provide space for us to host our monthly events.

How to Become a Michigan CHI Sponsor

To become a sponsor of Michigan CHI, all you need to do is host an event for us.  Companies typically agree to hold an evening event at their location, providing:

  • A meeting space
  • Parking
  • Standard AV for presentations (computer projector, speaker system)
  • Food and beverage (typically finger sandwiches, pizza, salad, cookies, water and soft drinks)

We also accept cash donations (suggested $250), but hosting events is our main method for continuing to operate.


As a sponsor of the Michigan CHI, you are supporting the advancement of awareness and education of HCI and UX topics in the state if Michigan and beyond (we often have attendees come from Ohio and Indiana).  When you agree to host an event, you also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your employees may attend the event at no charge.
  • Attendees recognize you as the sponsor, thereby associating you with this organization and profession.
  • You may advertise any employment opportunities at the event, and there may be potential employees in attendance.
  • You may showcase your products and services during the networking time before or after the event presentation.

To host an event or donate to become a Michigan CHI sponsor, contact our events coordinator .