Exploratory essay why students should be help to older people how to use the computer

How students can help seniors use a computer: efficient teaching methods
How many times have you been irritated with your granny or grandpa asking you for the 99th time how to use the browser, download the movie, find the account in social networks or change a password? For you, it seems easy because you have been growing up by learning these things while your relatives were born in another century. When you can`t do your homework, you pay for essay online or look for accounting homework helpers: you admit that you need help, and so do the seniors. Maybe this is the way we can repay them for feeding, teaching, and taking care of us in childhood. After all, who would guide them through all the digital benefits, if not you?

Teaching seniors how to deal with technologies

As the only thing older adults can operate is television, many colleges organize a special computer class for senior citizens to introduce to them the basic computing skills. The main reasons why seniors may need to learn computers are:
1. Daily needs. From credit cards operations to medical records, everything has gone online, so at least, they have to understand how the payment systems work;
2. Entertainment. In their later years, your grandparents are likely to have much time for leisure: watching movies, reading e-books, and listening to the songs they loved in their 20s.
Whatever their interests might be, they need to know how to find the required information without any help;
3. Communication. As now all people have accounts in social networks, it is easy to bond with the family online. Help your granny create an account on Facebook and add you to friends. Show how to search for people, share posts, and send messages.

The main challenges in teaching computer skills to older adults may be:

• Fear for technology. Any new thing may seem a challenge, and they may even be afraid to break something or do something wrong;
• Negative feelings about online presence and social media. Many older people are concerned about online safety as well as not posting their pictures in a social network;
• Disabilities. Some people may have limited vision, problems with hearing, or motor skills. Some of them have difficulties with memorizing things even if they write it down (that is why they repeat the same questions all the time). It may also be hard to stay focused for a long time.

When teaching basic computer skills to seniors, you should:

1. Don`t use jargon. If you get used to these terms talking to your friends, old people might get confused, so avoid using jargon to be understood better. Transform your knowledge into simple language proved by examples;
2. Adapt to their interests. Keep them engaged by using the things they like. For example, show how the payment system works by placing an order for their favorite singer's album;
3. Let them play. To overcome the fear of technologies, you should let them touch and click the way they like to learn faster;
4. Be patient. They may not learn how to use Twitter for the first time, but remember how they stayed patient when you tried to write your first letters and failed? Take breaks and experiment with ways of presenting information;
5. Practice. Even if you are the best teacher in the world, without everyday practice, you will get no results. Motivate your grandparents and encourage their progress.